It was narrated that a young girl was infected with a serious disease and her case was very grave, her brother who was eight years old was infected with this disease before and was recovered from it, so the only solution was to transfuse amount of her brother’s blood in her body.

The doctor looked at her brother and said" your sister never be rescued except when we transfused your blood to hers; are you ready for that…?" The child’s eyes was filled of fear and hesitation for a moment and he said" I agree doctor, I will do that."

After an hour from the transfusion operation the child asked in fear" tell me doctor; when will I die?"

At this time the doctor knew and realized why the child was affected with fear for a moment when he demanded this from him.

The child had believed that giving his blood to his sister meant that he gave her his life.


Written by:
Marian Fouad

.Translated by:
Marihan Emad

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