He became a monk


One of the youth went to Marimina monastery in a trip which goes to the monasteries and after the mass was over he went to the reception to have breakfast , when he asked about the quality of the breakfast he was told that it is Foul ,he did not accept and said Foul ( beans ) no
After a while the Pope came down as he was praying and the gentleman went inside asking for his blessing , The pope asked him : you did not like the beans what will you do tomorrow ? you will eat beans forever.
The gentleman felt ashamed , many years passed and after graduation from university he went to the monastery asking to become a monk. He became a monk in order to eat beans forever. As the Pope said what will you do , you will be eating beans forever.
Pope Kirollos knew the wordings of this gentleman at the reception which was in the past and he also knew the future , he knew that he will become a monk.






Translated by:
Nermin Amin


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