Adhaktios the Martyred

During the era Of Dkldyanos rign (around 304 AD) a godly priest was arrested in Rome. His name was Felix and he was known by his virtuous happy life.-He endured many suffering. Finally he was beheaded. On the way he met a young Christian who was eager to participate his Priest the martyrdom crown. He started shouting "I admitted the same law recognized by this man, admit the LORD JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF and put my life for the sake of the Christian Faith”. When the judges heard that, they arrested him and ordered that he should be beheaded with the priest. As his name was not known, he was called "Adhaktios" that means “any “ or “ one added" since he added himself to martyrdom with Felix. Damacejus Bishop of Rome says: "Uh, oh you in truth and truely are called “Felix” that means “Happy”. You are happy and nothing did affect the faith, despising the head of this world, recognizing the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You seeks the heavenly kingdom. Now, brothers, this precious faith had transferred Adhaktios to join the heavenly kingdom” . Reference: Butler's: Lives of saints, Aug 3

Arabic biography source of: Adhaktios the Martyred
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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