Epipodius and Iskander The Martyrs

During the rule of Marcos Orlios the emperor there occurred a strong wave of persecution in Lyon, France ( El Gaal county). Out of the many Martyrs that shed their blood for the love of the LORD, were the two Martyrs Epipodius and Iskander. From their youth these two Saints grew up together as close friends supporting each other and living together an ascetic life. It was thought that the first was a citizen of the city of Leon and the second was from the eastern countries. They descended from high society families and lived together outside Lyon. One of their slaves signed a complain against them. The ruler called them and when they confessed in his presence that they were Christians, the Gentile crowd yelled asking that they should be killed. The ruler tried to calm the crowd and decided that they should not rush to kill them. The ruler started to talk to the younger one of them, that is to say Epipodius trying to convince him to converse from Christianity and worship the idols. He asked him why did he accept Christian Faith; although most of the Christian believers were the poor people; while he was still young from a high society family. He also told him that the CRUCIFIED Did not Offer any promise of worldly material benefits. On the contrary HE Asked HIS Believers to stick to virtues, purity, to endure insults and not to labor for getting rich. This Christian way of life will deprive the believer from the bodily lust and the material joys of the world. Why he refused the religion of the emperors, philosophers and the high society community that can provide him with all the lusts and material joys his body asked for. {The LORD Do not wants us to be unhappy. He ordered us to enjoy our lives in the LORD. That is to say to enjoy life away from sins "Rejoice in the LORD Always, I will say it again Rejoice"(Phil: 4:4)}. Epipodius bravely explained to the ruler the advantages of controlling the body lust to be rewarded by inheriting the eternal life. In this respect any human would not live like animals following the bodily instincts and lusts, but would enjoy an elect spiritual life. The ruler got furious and hit him on his mouth. The Saint kept repeating the NAME of the LORD JESUS CHRIST and what the LORD Passes through for our Salvation. And that he insisted on adhering to the CROSS. Then the ruler hearing that ordered that the sword should behead him. This event occurred in the year 178 Gregorian (A.D). When Iskander showed and heard what happened to his friend he was eager to join him. The ruler told him that there were no other Christian believers in the Lyon vicinity except him. He asked him to convert. Iskander replied "Do not think that you can delete oureligion. The doors of Hades can not conquer our Faith". He declared his will that he want to be a martyr. They brutally hit him and prepared a cross to crucify him on, but he had already joined the Martyrs. The Latin and Greek Churches celebrate their Memorial Day on April the 22nd.

Arabic biography source of: Epipodius and Iskander The Martyrs
Translated by: Maged (servant of the LORD)
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